Ben Gurion’s hut, Kibbutz Sde Boker

The Overseas Visitors’ and New Immigrants Unit

“The Negev offers the Jews their greatest opportunity to accomplish everything for themselves from the very beginning. This is a vital part of our redemption in Israel. For in the end, as man gains mastery over Nature he gains it also over himself. That is the sense, and not a mystical but a practical one, in which I define our redemption here. ”
David Ben-Gurion, Recollections

The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute was authorized by the Ben-Gurion law (1976), to instill the heritage of this important leader and introduce different audiences to his outlooks. The Institute emphasizes the relevance of David Ben-Gurion’s vision today in the fields of Zionism, Jewish identity, statism, an exemplary society, leadership, development and settlement of the Negev and the vision of the IDF’s mission. The educational team of the Institute works with many various groups such as IDF units, educators, pupils, new immigrants, overseas visitors and the general public. Our belief is that Ben-Gurion’s vision can assist in the social and Zionist challenges facing Israeli society and the Jewish world today.