Dolphin Reef Eilat

Dolphin Reef Eilat is a unique site of its kind in Israel and around the world that allows visitors to enjoy the environment and a natural atmosphere, enchanting landscapes, “Stalvet” corners on the beach and watch the dolphins at their natural habitat (at sea), taking into consideration most of nature and the environment.

A group of “bottle-nose” dolphins conducts a life routine of hunter, play, courtship and society and are free to choose whether to be close to us or to continue their routine in the band. The desire to deepen the connection between man and the environment is implemented in the Dolphin Reef in a different way from other places in the world, from the physical conditions to the warm relationship and access to the dolphins. The fact that the dolphins choose to be near us, of their own free will, reinforces the truth of the bond between us and realizes the vision on which the dolphin reef is based.

The proximity of the dolphins can be enjoyed from floating docks and vantage points, or guided swimming or a guided introductory dive (at an additional charge and prior coordination) suitable for anyone who is not afraid to get wet.

The dolphins’ approach to the dolphins is based on a respectful attitude, and any connection and closeness with humans in the water is created by the dolphins at no cost, beyond the satisfaction of the curiosity towards people and the pleasure of their physical and mental connection.
The Dolphin Reef employs more than 100 staff members who are an integral part of the experience and experience on the site, including social activities, parties, festivals and performances by artists to whom the customers are invited.